Here are a few signs that your mother-in-law is toxic and that you need to deal with her

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They don’t call them the monsters-in-law for nothing, you know…

Mother-in-laws are notorious for being critical of anything you say or do and overbearing. Obviously some are nice, but a toxic mother-in-law is a souls-sucking bug that that feeds off your misery and doubt.

To protect yourself from the effects of a toxic mother-in-law, you need to keep these 5 crucial signs close — you need to know your opponent.

4 Tell-tale signs that you have a toxic mother-in-law

It doesn't matter if your mother-in-law displays some or all of these signs, she is still toxic, and you don't want her manipulative ways to get the better of you…

How I overcame the death of mine and my boyfriend’s dog by throwing a party

Photo by Christian on Unsplash

So your dog has died, what next?

When my greyhound Abbie died, I was heartbroken naturally, but I also felt a sense of happiness, of relief. So I decided to throw a party…

Abbie had a tough life, as many greyhounds do, but after a long battle with cancer, I was relieved by her death — something not unusual when faced with loss.

So why did I throw her a party? Isn't that a sign of happiness and joy and completely inappropriate for loss?


But I found that this form of grieving by celebrating my dogs life was appropriate…

Aisling Bean

An autistic writer who loves dogs, and a cheeky cookie dough ice creams.

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